The fresh-faced teens in I See Stars have turned heads from club owners to fans packing out the place no matter where they’re are playing at! Their sound generates a fusion between Pop and Hardcore and some Electronic features, but they are different and compensate the credit from positive performances and feedback from other bands and the teen community, which they live in.

I See Stars heads in a new direction for their first E.P. titled "Green Light Go". With more crowd sing-alongs, catchy lyrics, and electronical breakdowns from songs like “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World‿ and “Mistaken for a Westend Mystery Shake‿ it promises to be an E.P. you will not want to put down.

Don’t let their age fool you! This six-piece group of talented musicians and also best friends, has come a long way together and just getting started to show the music industry what they can do. I See Stars is composed of lead vocalist and front man Devin Oliver, brother & drummer Andrew Oliver, guitar players Brent Allen and Jimmy Gregerson, bass player Jeff Valentine, and on the keys and screams is Zach Johnson.

Considering the number of shows they have played, they have shared the stage with some of hardcore’s more popular acts such as Chasing Victory (Mono Vs. Stereo Records), August Burns Red (Solid State Records), The Devil Wears Prada (Rise Records), Olympia (Equal Vision Records), Alesana (Fearless Records), Rookie of the Year (One Eleven Records), just to name a few and plenty of others.